We use Cookies to make your visit to this website better! But what are they?

Most websites use cookies to help deliver a better experience to visitors and understand how to improve it. They are simply a small text file stored on the browser of the computer or connected device. This text file is placed by the server of the website you visit and can only be retrieved by that specific server. Each file is unique to your web browser and will allow a website to remember you and things you may have done on the site such as adding a product to basket or what pages you visited.

You can learn more about cookies at the following sites:

What Cookies do we serve our visitors?

The vast of majority of cookies found online are very safe and do not store personal details. At Eventur Events SRL (the owner of Bucharest Tourist Card & Bucharest City App), we only server visitors to our site safe cookies that provide us with information to help us improve our website, improve our online marketing activity and deliver behavioural advertising campaigns.

Cookie Title Cookie Type Purpose of Cookie Potential Intrusiveness to User Cookie Length Section
LPG Sales Tracking Cookie First Party To tracking sources of a sale and the performance of our online marketing channels. Low 30-45 days Performance Cookie
LPG Session ID Tag First Party To track and remember products added to a basket during a session. Low 30 days max Performance Cookie
Google Analytics Third Party To measure usage and performance of our websites to ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our users Low 60 days max Performance Cookie
Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Third Party To measure the performance of our advertising campaigns with Google AdWords Low 60 days max Performance Cookie
Google AdWords ReMarketing Tags Third Party To allow LPG to serve targeted advertising to visitors to our website as they browse other websites on the Google Display Network Medium 60 days max Behavourial Advertising Cookie
The Search Agency Tags Third Party To measure the performance of our advertising campaigns. Low 60 days max Performance Cookie

Can I remove cookies from my computer/device?

Yes, you can clear cookies you may have picked up by deleting your browser history. Details on how to do this can be found through the recommended resources listed above.