Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the Bucharest Tourist Card holder and Eventur Events SRL, Romanian company registry no. 32494145. By purchasing a Bucharest Tourist Card, the customer accepts these terms & conditions.

The Bucharest Tourist Card holder recognises that while visiting the attractions they are solely a contractual partner of the operator of the attraction in question and that only the terms & conditions applying to that attraction are relevant in connection to the attraction.

To clarify, these terms & conditions only regulate the contractual relationship between Eventur Events SRL and the Bucharest Tourist Card holder with regard to the Bucharest Tourist Card.

The attractions included in the Bucharest Tourist Card are hereinafter referred to as „contractual partners” of Eventur Events SRL.

1. Conclusion of the contract

By accepting these terms & conditions, the customer confirms that the contract with Eventur Events SRL (the company owner of the Bucharest Tourist Card) cannot be cancelled except where mandatory under the Romanian Consumer Protection Act.

2. Bucharest Tourist Card

The Bucharest Tourist Card is a psyhical card that, against a one-time payment, entitles the card holder to multiple free or reduced admission to each attraction listed in the Bucharest Tourist Card Guidebook.

3. Card holder

The card holder is the person to whom the Bucharest Tourist Card was issued. The card holder must sign the Bucharest Tourist Card on the reverse side. The card is personal and non-transferable without the written permission of Eventur Events SRL.

4. Bucharest Tourist Card guidebook

The Bucharest Tourist Card guidebook is produced by Eventur Events SRL and enclosed with the Bucharest Tourist Card. The guidebook lists all attractions and other services included in the tourist card, including contact and opening hours.

This information is provided to the best of our knowledge. However, Bucharest Tourist Card cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information, as changes to the opening hours, in particular, may occur on short notice. Bucharest Tourist Card holders are urged to verify the currentness of the information on the websites of the contractual partners.

5. Rights and duties of the card holder

During the validity period of the Bucharest Tourist Card, the card holder may use the services as listed in the guidebook. The card holder must produce a valid official photo ID if asked to by a contractual partner or by the staff of Eventur Events SRL.

The customer is not entitled to any reimbursement for unused or not consumed services or for attractions being closed during the validity period of their pass.

The cardholder is obliged to store the Bucharest Tourist Card carefully.

6. Liability

Eventur Events SRL shall not be liable for any deficiencies, damages, losses, or non-provision of services by individual contractual partners. Any complaints and claims the cardholder may have regarding the use of the services of a contractual partner can therefore only be raised against the relevant contractual partner of Eventur Events SRL. In such a case, the terms & conditions of the relevant contractual partner of Eventur Events SRL shall apply. Where claims are not subject to the disposition of the parties and/or there is a liability of Eventur Events SRL towards the cardholder, the liability of Eventur Events SRL shall be limited to a maximum of 50% of the actual price paid for the Bucharest Tourist Card.

7. Period of validity

The Bucharest Tourist Card is valid for how many days as the card holders wants throughout 2019. This agreed-upon validity period will be printed on the Bucharest Tourist Card.

8. Loss of the card

In case of loss of an unused Bucharest Tourist Card, Eventur Events SRL must be notified immediately. We strongly recommend making the notification in writing as proof of notification. After receiving proof of identity, the lost card will be blocked to prevent misuse. A replacement card will be issued to the cardholder against payment of a processing fee of €10. This is only possible if the card holder can provide the individual invoice number of the lost Bucharest Tourist Card, and that number can be attributed to the card holder. Otherwise, the Bucharest Tourist Card cannot be replaced. Every cardholder must store their Bucharest Tourist Card in such a way that it cannot be accessed by third parties. If the cardholder forgets the card, they shall not be admitted and no reimbursement shall be made.

9. Privacy and data protection

Eventur Events SRL processes the cardholder’s personal data received (in particular: full name, address, and the type, date, time and scope of services received), hereinafter referred to as “data”, and the data obtained during the use of the Bucharest Tourist Card. By purchasing the Bucharest Tourist Card, the cardholder agrees that these data may also be used by Eventur Events SRL and its contractual partners for tourism-related evaluations and for the development and optimisation of the Bucharest Tourist Card. At any time, the cardholder may withdraw this consent without giving any reason by contacting Eventur Events RL. The data shall not be disclosed to third parties.

10. Place of performance and jurisdiction

The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Bucharest. Romanian law shall exclusively apply subject to conflict of law rules.

11. Miscellaneous

Additional agreements shall only be valid in writing.

12. Special provisions for online purchases

Items 1 through 11 shall also apply to online purchases. The following additional provisions shall apply:

12.1.) The purpose of the website bucharesttouristcard.com is the sale of the Bucharest Tourist Card.

12.2.) An online purchase can only be made with a valid credit card.

12.3.) Personal data required for purchases or enquiries, such as name, phone number, fax number or e-mail address, will only be used for the abovementioned purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties.

12.4.) We do not extra charge anyhow and the shipping of the psyhical card to the selected hotel is free of charge.